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Personal Disability Management


Your Disability Care App
Everything in One Place.
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Providing a user-friendly

platform for managing

your disability journey.

Option 1 - Succession Plan

Store all your disparate information in one place.
Start your succession planning.
Build a Care Plan and share with your circle of support
Secure in an Australian Data Centre

Option 2 - Invoice Plan

Do you currently track invoices in paper

based books and store the invoices

separately in plastic folders or

cardboard boxes?

Do you have Excel spreadsheets

with all your invoice details

and store the scanned copy

of the invoice separately in

electronic folders or

email folders?

All because there is no way to

link them together?

The ability8 app can help you!

Imagine receiving an invoice or receipt

via email or taking a photo.

All you have to do is forward the invoice via email to the app and it will automatically create the payment record and attach the invoice.

You don't even open the app!

Everything in one place!


Option 3 - Staff Plan

You can easily manage direct staff,

contractors or staff via other

services like HireUp and Mable.

ability8 calculates PAYG tax,

superannuation and

Single Touch Payroll* (coming soon)

when you employ directly.

Generates payslips and

payment summaries

Schedule shifts, activities

and appointments


Notify staff via email and push

notifications to mobile devices of

upcoming shifts and events.




Now with all the information in one place you can share as needed.


Invite and manage what other users can view and edit within the app.

Use the built in Chat feature.

Create up to 3 individualised PDF reports around Care, Medical or General content that can be printed or emailed as needed.


If you manage multiple family members we help by including up to 3 PWD's managed  within a single plan at

the one price.

Need more PWDs?

No problems just ask us!


If you Self Manage Ability8 can be used to collate information ready to submit a claim to the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and assist in meeting the regulatory requirements necessary for the claim.


Arranging taxation, superannuation, workplace health and safety, and insurance can be arduous but with Ability8 everything is in one place, which in turn helps you to be in control.

Don't just get the "check list", get a place to store and recall all that information with ease. On your mobile, on your tablet, on your home PC. Where ever you need it you have access to it!


If you have a Plan Manager or you Self Manage you can easily manage support workers and therapists, stay on top of your insurance and make sure all your staff have current

Blue Cards and police checks.

Be reminded when renewals and

expiry dates are due.


By having everything you need in one place

there is much less chance of schedules

clashing and missing important dates...



Works on most devices and browsers

The App works on Apple and Android mobiles and tablets as well as your PC whether it is Windows or a Mac. It works in most browsers including Firefox, Safari, Edge and Chrome. (excludes Internet Explorer)

Built in payroll system

Pay your support workers with ease, it calculates both your PAYG tax and Superannuation you need to withhold. Works whether you have a WPN or an ABN  and It even does your payslips for your employees.

Built in Scheduler

An easy way to schedule and visualise your support worker shifts, plan your activities and trips. View in monthly, weekly or daily views. Ability to print the schedule for easy reference.

Time Sheets

An easy to use time sheet system that works across all your technology devices, even allows notes about the shift to share with other support workers and users. No more paperwork, all time sheets are done online from any device.

Email and Push notifications

Notify support workers via email  or push notifications of their shifts or changes to their shifts, remind yourself about due payments or insurance renewals.

Store contact and employment details

Have a single secure place to store all the details about your support workers and therapists, do they have their own transport, have they got a blue card, when does it expire. And all data is securely stored in an Australian data centre, including the option of Two-Factor Authentication.

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Notice !
ATO - Single Touch Payroll (Phase 2) Update

The Ability8 team would like to give a quick update regarding the Ability8 app certification for STP reporting.


The ATO has granted an exemption to WPN users until June 30 2023 at this stage.


We are working with the ATO to ensure our product is secure and meets the stringent standards set by the ATO to enable Ability8 to report STP. We are currently in the process of testing and hope to have an update on our progress with meeting the ATO requirements by end of August. The delays are partly due to a change by the ATO in reporting requirements under Phase 2 of them implementing STP reporting.


We thank you for your patience and look forward to updating you later in the year.

New Features Coming Soon!


Add and track your own events like seizures, fluid intake and behavioural issues.

Custom Pay Events

Add overnight shifts, change hourly pay rates for special shifts, include travel allowances

Single Touch Payroll
STP (phase 2)

Meet the new Tax Office superannuation rules.

Sync Calendars

Sync or export your schedule to mobile devices, Outlook and Google calendars.

Export Events

Easily export your tracked events to show doctors and support staff.

Pay Suppliers from within the App

Pay suppliers, staff and service providers from within the app.


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