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  • Is there an app for that?
    Like everything Yes there is an app for that, the Ability8 app is available in both the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.
  • Is the App free?
    Yes the app is free to download and use for a 30 day trial but you do need an account to login and use the app after the 30 days. You need to select from one of the three plans. You can register here
  • Why not just use a spreadsheet?
    You definitely can and many people share these with other families to get them started. The questions around using a spreadsheet as a solution: - Is the spreadsheet backed up? - Can you attached files and receipts to the spreadsheet? - Can you access your spreadsheet remotely if needed? - Can you view it on your mobile device? - Can you share your spreadsheet with other people like accountants or bookkeepers if needed? - Do others understand the formulas and layout you have generated? - What happens when a user has a problem with the spreadsheet, where do they go for support? - How do you share and collaborate with others if you are using different platforms or spreadsheets?
  • Why select Ability8?
    The Ability8 solution has been designed and built specifically for individuals and families in the disability sector, it is not a modified business product or a product trying to fulfill multiple roles. The solution is also designed and built by someone living the disability journey every day, being a parent of a daughter with significant disabilities, so I understand the challenges. With 20 years experience in enterprise grade software I understand the need for security, stability and ease of use.
  • Which plan should I select?
    There are currently 3 plans to select from, each has been configured around different needs or where we think people might be on their journey. Succession Plan - If you are looking for a place to store all your information with the ability to build a detailed profile around the person with disability and share that information with your circle of support either by giving them access to the app, printing or emailing the detail. Invoice Plan - This has all the functionality described in the Basic Plan and adds the ability to schedule shifts for carers and therapists, add their availability for future shifts and plan activities for the person with disability. The users can be notified of portal events and shift status by email or app push notifications. ​ You also have access to a Dashboard giving you a quick overview of Shifts, Activities and Employee details. Also includes the ability to complete time sheets online and within the App available from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Staff Plan - All the items and features from the Succession and Invoice plans mentioned above with the addition of Payments and Claims, this allows you to track all your payments to suppliers, carers and therapists and provides the ability to allocate these costs to funding sources like the NDIS. You can see your costs against Core, Capital and Capacity Building and then claim them back from the NDIS online portal ​ With the ability to allocate costs to different funding sources and run reports on these allocations and all easily exported to Excel. ​ When using the App you can even take photos of your invoices and receipts so they can be attached to the relevant records.
  • What support do you offer?
    We have a number of resources listed below. Our knowledge base located Here Email our help desk via Use the help desk Contact Form through our help page Here Our Youtube video channel with overview and training videos is Here We hope to add an online chat tool in the near future.
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