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The Benefits of Self-Managing Your Disability Care


​​Self-management means managing the funding for your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan. The person with a disability (PWD) can do this, or a representative, such as a family member.

It allows you to decide where your funding goes to best meet your individual needs. You can choose to self-manage all or part of your plan’s funding. Self-management helps promote independence, confidence and social and economic participation for PWDs.

Young boy with a disability smiling happily

It offers greater choice for you to decide how, where and when you'll receive support. It also makes you more accountable for your plan’s budget. And means you determine who can best support your care. NDIS research has shown that many people prefer self-management because it offers:

  • greater flexibility to manage their budget

  • the ability to choose providers they want

  • adaptability to make changes to suit their circumstances

  • independence to make decisions

  • opportunities to create relationships and use their preferred providers

  • an acknowledgement that they’re the experts in their own life

Some of the key self-management benefits in the research include:

Greater satisfaction levels: a PWD, family member or representative can access support when they need it.

Increased quality of life: improved health benefits and better social and community participation.

Greater choice and control: power to control your care needs, manage funding and choose who supports you.

Better relationships: Use preferred disability support workers that provide the care you want.

The research identified people with any type of disability can self-manage. This assumes people with limited capacity have family support. Or an established circle of support or independent representative.

At Ability8, we want to enable anyone with a disability to have the freedom to self-manage their care plan. We developed our app so families and individuals with a disability have greater choice and control over their care plans. So they can easily manage their care needs in one central location.

If you’re interested in discovering more, we offer a free 30-day trial for all our plan types. So you can see the difference Ability8 can make in your life.

Get in touch with us today to find out more. Or read some stories from our existing customers to see how Ability8 has helped.

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