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Take control of your disability journey with our app

Our easy-to-use app helps people with a disability and their nominees to independently manage their NDIS care plans and staffing.

Why choose Ability8?

Across Australia, our app helps nearly 3,000 people to manage their disability care needs and finances for themselves or their loved ones to help make their lives easier. Our customers comprise individuals, family members and support workers.


We're a family-run business whose number one priority is positive outcomes for people with a disability. Ability8 can provide you with everything you need on one secure platform accessible from any device, ‌no matter where you are. 

Share and Communicate

Storing all your information in Ability8 means you can share key details whenever you need to with whoever you need to. 


What our customers say

Senior Woman

I love the planning mode in the schedule because I can play around with shift options before confirming with my husband’s support workers.

Mature Woman

I love the app. Thank you! Our family is using it for our daughter, and it makes such a difference in her life.

Using the app gives me an enormous sense of comfort and confidence as I work towards greater ability and eventually independence. .



Ability8 allows my family to keep everything in one central location, so I don't have to spend hours sorting through folders to find something I think I once had, often bringing up painful memories. 




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