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Succession Plan

Our Succession Plan works for anyone with a disability who would like one place to store all their information. You can securely store images, videos, documents, and website links.


This plan is an excellent choice for succession planning if you're caring for someone with a disability because you can build a detailed profile and care plan for each profile you set up. You can then easily share this information with people in your Circle of Support, like support workers, therapists, family members, teachers, doctors, and others you trust.

The plan allows you to store various types of information, including:

Care requirements

Including likes/dislikes, concerns, significant events or activities.


Key employment details to make to easy to share with contacts.

Important contacts

Your disability support workers, family, friends or anyone else in your Circle of Support.


List any important medications, including dosage requirements and any allergies. 


All your funding information in one central location to make it easy to manage.


Let support workers know the clothing, accessories and shoes you or your loved one enjoy wearing. 

It's also possible to add extra profiles if you care for more than one person with a disability. Contact us to find out more.

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