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Upcoming features to look out for

At Ability8 our vision is to enable anyone with a disability the freedom to self manage their care plan. Which is why we're constantly updating our app to ensure it offers a wide range of tools to suit individuals, families and support workers.

We also welcome feedback from our community to continually improve our platform, giving our customers choice and control over their care needs in an easy to use central location.

Some upcoming features in the works include:

  • InApp payments - this exciting new feature will allow you to make payments from within the app, so you can track, manage and pay without having to use another platform.

  • Enhanced In App features for onboarding - we're focused on providing our customers with greater support when they first start using Ability8. We're creating easy to use guides that will take you through all the various tools available, so you can get the most out of the system we've built for you.

  • Built in feedback - so you can leave your feedback within the app while you think of it, rather than having to contact us separately.

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